For over 20 years Multidimensional Technologies has been an industry leader in the development and manufacture of state-of-the-art Bio-Photonic Light Technologies.  We are the inventors and manufacturers of such technologies as Tesla Energy Lights, Tesla Bio-Lights, and S.E.A.D.  We distribute worldwide our technologies that are designed to promote consciousness.   Our technologies are based on the scientific achievements  of some of the leading  inventors of all time.  Most notably Nikola Tesla but a number of others including, Georges Lakhovsky, Royal Rife, Antoine Priore, Wilhelm Reich, and John Worrell Keely to name a few.

It was Tesla’s desire to replicate the energy of our Sun, both energetically as well as in consciousness.  As a result the technology would generate renewed Chi (Qi) within its users.   This has been one of the major inspirations behind the development of our technologies.   It has been our perception and that of the thousands of users over the past 20 plus years that we have succeeded in this endeavor

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On our website you will find some basic information in regard to the development of these technologies as well as a very detailed F.A.Q.  that answers many of the questions we are often asked.   However, you will not find negative comments regarding similar technologies on the market.  We have not put together reviews of other subtle energy technologies that are based solely on opinion and then sold as scientific fact.   And we have not appointed ourselves as ‘experts’ on this technology in order to judge others contributions.  Nor do we make defamatory remarks regarding any other technologies in order to sell our equipment.  If anyone feels that they need this type of discourse in order to feel secure in purchasing equipment, then please look elsewhere.  We feel that it must be stated for the record that there has never been any side by side scientific studies to compare the various subtle energy technologies on the market. For this reason we caution anyone interested in this technology to do their own research in order to make an educated decision.

 We invite you to explore our site and if you have any questions, send us an email which we will be glad to answer promptly.

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